Negative Entities Clearing Reiki



By Ali Afnan

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki can be used to clear People, Places and Things

This system will attune you to the energies for psychic protection from psychic attacks, psychic attachments, psychic vampires, people who direct negative energy toward you and how to create a protective shield to place around your aura.

You will learn about the different kinds of psychic attack and how to clear yourself from these attacks.

There are 5 levels and one symbol in this system.

Level 1: Clears Blockages & Negative Debris in the body & the aura
Level 2: More Clearing in all layers of the aura
Level 3: Clears the chakras
Level 4:  Practioner – You now can remove these from others
Level 5: Master/Teacher – Highest Energy and now able to attune others