About Us

Faina is a co-founder of Energyhealing18 Academy. She is a Master of Usui Reiki, Master of Karuna Reiki and a Practitioner of Holy Fire Reiki. Faina is certified in homeopathy, herbology, lithotherapy (crystal healing), and other alternative healing modalities. Her gifts of LOVE, COMPASSION and EMPATHY are inspiring.

Since childhood Faina has been an empath. She could feel the harmonic vibrations of people, animals and plants. This is why she understands how to help any Soul to open the Soul’s own potential. During her healing sessions she feels what is going on inside the person’s body. Faina loves animals and has saved and cared for many abandoned creatures. One of her specialties is energy healing for animals. In her free time Faina enjoys growing plants and has a beautiful garden full of fruit trees, vegetables and decorative plants.


Chana is a Reiki student of Faina and a co-founder of Energyhealing18 Academy. Chana has been practicing energy healing since 2006. She is a Master of Usui Reiki and a Master of Karuna Reiki. She also has been studying holistic nutrition with Faina since 2002.

Chana’s other professional background is in foreign language interpreting and translation. She is a certified medical interpreter and a certified court interpreter. Chana finds an interesting connection between her language translation work and energy healing. During an energy healing session the healer experiences  certain physical sensations, such as heat and cold, sees mental images and receives information in her mind in the form of messages. After the healing session the healer’s job is to translate these sensations, images,  and messages into a clear written text that the client can read or into a recorded oral message that the client can hear. This text or recorded message that summarizes the experiences of the healer explains to the client
how he or she can help himself or herself heal and improve his or her life.

In her free time Chana enjoys traveling, hiking and camping with her family, reading books and visiting art museums.