What Is Reiki

Reiki is a relaxation technique that can help reduce stress, fatigue, physical pain, and many other ailments and dis-eases of the body. It is given by a Reiki Practitioner that channels Universal Energy through the palms of their hands into your body.


Reiki can be given in-person or distantly and is just as effective both ways. Reiki is complementary to any Western medical treatment you may be receiving. It works harmoniously with Western Medicine but should never take the place of a licensed medical professional.


What are the benefits of Reiki

Reiki is good for a whole range of things including:

Managing Stress and Tension
Supporting during Times of Crises, Depression, Illness, Death & Bereavement
Stimulating the Natural Healing of Acute & Chronic Ailments
Speeding Recovery after Surgery and Injury
Releasing Blocked Energies and Cleansing Toxins
Supporting Conventional Medicine & Minimising the Side-Effects of Drugs
Replenishing and Supporting Carers
Personal Growth and Self-Confidence
Promoting Harmony within Relationships
Perception of Inner Clarity, Wisdom, Intuition, Awareness and Enlightenment


Reiki’s healing can continue to work within you for up to 5 days.