Indigo Light Empowerment



By Linda Colibert

 You must be a Ususi Reiki Level 1 or Higher or Kundalini Reiki Master Level

This system is a beautiful personal growth system. It raises your vibration, and allows you to develop your psychic abilities and will also help you to learn to communicate with others, animals, and the nature Spirit’s through empathy and intuition at a faster pace by connecting you to the higher realms.

As such, it also works to help raise the vibration of Earth and Humanity, which in turn, speeds our evolution to higher dimensional thinking. The Indigo Starlight System energy works with the third eye chakra and psychic centers. It enhances psychic abilities through empath and love.

This system will provide a calming effect on Indigo Children and Indigo Adults.  The color blue-violet or indigo activates this energy. 

This system is also perfect when working with animal’s since it help you to connect with the animal in a telepathic manner and through empathy. Your intuition is heightened when you envision the Indigo Starlight glowing brightly within your third eye.   When working with Indigo Children, you will be able to feel/sense the child’s energies as your energy flows through the child. This also applies when working with animals and Indigo Adults.

As your energy moves through the one being healed, your psychic intuition and sense of empathy picks up on whatever is causing the trouble, and the energies of the Indigo Starlight System calms the one you are healing. The energies of this system attunes you to listening without preset ideas on what is or is not possible. The more you work with the energies of the Indigo Starlight System, the more you will be able to “hear” what other “Beings” are telling you. This may come to you in any form of communication—hearing, vision, or just knowing intuitively. It is as if you “become” the other being for a few moments, through empathy and you understand them—and they understand you. It is unconditional love that bonds you.